What is HumEQAS

External Quality Assessment (EQA) and Proficiency testing (PT) are sometimes used interchangeably. A service for EQA (PT) allows laboratories to regularly evaluate their performance by measuring blinded samples of control sera as if they were patient samples. Testing results are compared to peer laboratories measuring the same blinded samples . EQA thereby supports laboratories to improve their performance and to gain confidence in their services for a better patient care.

The global demand for external quality assessment (EQA) is rapidly increasing!

HumEQAS is a new, web-based EQA service starting with a selected menu of the most important Clinical Chemistry parameters. Testing samples are provided by your local HUMAN distributor only.

HumEQAS provides Proficiency Testing to medical laboratories all over the world. Thereby HumEQAS supports laboratories to fulfill their quality requirements. HumEQAS adds confidence by enabling the comparison of test results of peer laboratories all over the world that are using identical or comparable instrumentation. Even small laboratories in rural areas get the chance to participate in EQA Services and improve their testing accuracy and reliability.

HumEQAS will be extended subsequently with more parameters and methodologies.